Nizar Juma

Nizar Juma, is a graduate in Economics, Law and Accountancy, from the University of Wales. Since 1967, Nizar has had a Stella career in Commerce & Industry. He is best known for being the manufacturer of Adidas sports equipment for 49 Countries in and around Africa. For the past 27 years, Nizar has been actively involved in a voluntary capacity as Chairman of some of the Boards of The Aga Khan Development Network – in their Social Welfare activities including not for profit Hospitals and also in their for-profit Companies. Nizar is Chairman of 51 Companies. He is also the initiator of The Future of Power (FOP). The Future of Power is the theme of a series of dialogues, which are taking place during the past 6 years in 65 Cities across India, Nepal, Australia and in 2016 in 4 cities in the USA. Nizar has been awarded the Silver Star of Kenya by H.E. The President of Kenya for outstanding service to the nation (1982), An award by H.E The Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki in recognition of his selfless Service to the people of Kenya (2013), The ‘Bharat Gaurav – Lifetime Achievement Award’, by The British Minister for Energy and Environment Baroness Verma (July 2014), Acknowledged as one of the 100 leading global Guajarati personalities and profiled in the publication "Jewels of Gujarat" (January 2015) and The Life time Achievement Insurance Industry Award 2011.