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  • The CEO or Managing Director (MD) is required to write to each employee of his or her Company and its subsidiaries, informing them that henceforth no employee is allowed to give or take bribes in any form and that contravening this condition of employment will be treated as gross misconduct and liable to summary dismissal.
  • The CEO or MD will also declare that all donations, gifts and favour given or received by the Company or any employee to a customer or potential customer, supplier or potential supplier, government official or representative should be transparent, that is, declared and official. Any non-branded gifts accepted by any employee or given to anyone shall not exceed an agreed amount (say $30), and if of a higher amount it shall be declined and/or returned.
  • The Company, through its CEO or MD, shall have a declared policy of being free from practices of favoritism on grounds of tribe, gender, religion, color or creed or any other form of bias.
  • The company agrees to the prospect of undergoing training with UNODC on developing and implementing anti-bribery and whistle-blowing policy and procedures.
  • To become a certified member visit and register, or contact the Secretariat on Tel: 0740 049 500 for further guidance.

Certification therefore simply require that your auditors confirm that the above five requirements have been met.

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