The Blue Company Project is an anti-corruption initiative for private sector players and institutions who have the public interest at heart on the fight against corruption.

The Blue Company Project was founded in 2019 by  Mr Nizar Juma

The initiative is focused on fighting corruption and in the long run, engage in capacity building activities, through embracing the judicial infrastructure and political goodwill to hold those who transgress accountable.

Membership is free of charge. There is no subscription fee.

Membership is renewed annually. 
The Member must confirm that the three membership requirements are still being followed/adhered to.

Criteria for membership is that the company must have the below policies in place in its effort to curb corruption:
The CEO/MD must:

  • Write to each employee of the company informing them that receiving or giving out bribes means a gross misconduct and that they are liable to immediate summary dismal.
  • Have a company gift policy where gifts received by the company or given out to suppliers, government officials, etc must be declared and made official.
  • Must have a non-favouritism or non-discriminatory policy based on gender, religion, race, or tribe etc
  • The Company agrees to undergo training with UNODC on developing and implementing anti-bribery & whistle-blowing policies.

  • Access to the Network purchasing platform where Blue Companies will give preference to each other in business dealings, it provides a unique opportunity to benefit from network group purchase deals.
  • No membership or subscription fees
  • Training from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime on developing and implementing anti-bribery and whistle-blowing policies.
  • Brand Visibility - Regular publicity around the Blue Company concept will discourage solicitation from such companies thus helping to reduce the cost of doing business.

  • Registered companies are able to use the Blue Company logo in their advertising, printed materials, and premises.
  • New members purchase a company plaque at a cost of Kshs. 3300/= plus 16% VAT

Private sector businesses, companies, organisations, and institutions registered by their respective regulatory bodies and must be registered by The Registrar of Companies.

  •  Mission
    To create corruption free environments and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels of society.
  • Vision
    To promote integrity, ethics and good governance through training and advocacy.
  • Core Values
    Integrity.  Courage.  Teamwork.  Innovation.  Professionalism. 

A number of private sector companies have registered, and the membership directory has been published on the website.

  • Mr. Nizar Juma-Founder of The Blue Company Project
  • Dr. Julius Kipngetich
  • Senior Counsel Mr. George Oraro
  • Mr. Jacques De Navacelle